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Kununurra Staff

Andrew Field 

Field Officer

“I am delighted to put my experience in the mining sector to use with all mining trainees and apprentices.”

Having started with KGT in 2017, Andrew is the new addition to the Field Officers’ team in Kununurra. He holds a Diploma in Horticulture and brings a wealth of experience in Managerial roles, having worked as an Environmental manager and Trainer in the mining industry for many years. Andrew taps into his experience in the mining industry to look after all trainees and apprentices hosted at the Argyle Diamond Mine. “I am already familiar with the Argyle mine as well as most of the older apprentices”. Andrew grew up in Perth but enjoys the life in Kununurra. “I am a fishing tragic! I also enjoy photography, got myself a new toy and am learning how to use this top of the range camera.”

Ariana Hamilton-Smith

Administration Assistant

“At the the moment I am learning lots of new skills. I enjoy helping all staff out with any tasks that may make their job easier."

Ariana is the friendly face you will meet when visiting the KGT office in Kununurra. Having worked in the retail industry since she was 16 years old, she believes the interaction with various customers from an early age gave her an insight into understanding customers and their needs. Before joining KGT, Ariana worked at the Kununurra Visitors Centre as a Customer service officer. This was a very demanding position involving being ready at all times to make bookings while assisting people from walks of life start their journey in the East Kimberley region.

Originally from Adelaide, Ariana loves the East Kimberley lifestyle. “I like how friendly the people are, if you are out on a bush walk you would never walk past someone without saying hello.”

Ariana enjoys her multi-faceted administrative role at KGT. “At the moment I am learning lots of new skills. I enjoy helping all staff out with any tasks that may make their job easier”. In the near future, Ariana sees herself taking new and challenging administration tasks to become an experienced office worker. 

Marivic Bucao

Boab Lounge Manager

“I have been coaching my team to a well-deserved successful future."

Visitors to the Kununurra Airport will probably bump into Marivic, the friendly face at the Boab Lounge Café (KGT's social enterprise). Originally from the Philippines, Marivic has been living in Kununurra for almost 5 years and now calls it home. About life in Kununurra, she says “living here makes me feel closer to Mother Nature, and I have the opportunity to learn a great deal about relationships with people from other cultures”.

Marivic has over 13 years of experience in the retail sector plus a number of Business and Office Administration qualifications under her belt. She utilises her business, retail and team management skills on a daily basis at the busy Boab Lounge Café. “My focus is on developing customer relations and taking customer experience to a new level”.

Marivic thrives on fast-paced environments and has been enjoying perfecting her knowledge on the art of coffee-making while coaching Hospitality trainees and building positive relationships in the community. “I see KGT moulding me to become a better coach and leading me down the right path so I can run a business of my very own in the future yet to come”. 


Bronwyn Read

Senior Finance Officer

“It is a a great organisation, I like its goals. I think it's definitely needed to help Indigenous people come off welfare and have long term sustainability".

Originally from Victoria, Bronwyn moved to Kununurra several years ago because she loved the weather, the countryside and the people. In the future she would like to keep on working at KGT to help Indigenous people build a healthy and sustainable future. "I am proud to be a part of a company that is able to help youth achieve their goals, especially at risk and disengaged kids."

Bronwyn supervises the day-to-day accounting functions of payroll, debtors, creditors and account reconciliations. Bronwyn has a Degree in Accounting from LaTrobe University. 

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